Thursday, November 12, 2009

Whats the difference between ninjutsu, taijutsu and jujitsu?

well?|||Ninjutsu is the martial art of Ninjas. It does not work with combatives as much as stealth. It tries to find a silent ways to take care of opponents.

Taijutsu is an umbrella name for Japanese unarmed martial arts. it means %26quot;body art/skill%26quot; and thus can refer to a wider verity of martial arts.

Jujutsu is a martial art that was developed so that unarmed and unarmored people could fight armed and armored. It uses throws, joint locks and pins. Derivatives of this are Judo and Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

These are all Japanese martial arts.|||Taijutsu isn%26#039;t a martial art; it%26#039;s a Japanese word for %26quot;body movement%26quot;. All martial arts are Taijutsu. For example, Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu can be translated as %26quot;body movement of the divine martial warrior%26quot;. Taijutsu is also used to describe unarmed combat techniques of an art.

As for Ninjutsu and Jujitsu, there%26#039;s not a whole lot of differences. They are very similar. One may not even be able to tell the difference between the two unless they know what their looking at. Many styles of Ninjutsu have strong, deep stances and smooth, flowing Taijutsu. It also incorporates rolls more than any other martial art, stealth, evasion, and escape.|||The fighting techniques of Ninjitsu are called Ninpo. A jiu-jitsu practitioner usually is not taught how to make poisons, or to scale a wall, or to use concealed or hidden weaponry or how to torture or kidnap someone, etc. etc.

The fighting techniques of a Ninja probably incorporate a lot of jiu-jitsu, but then the Ninja modifies his jiu-jitsu into %26#039;dirty fighting%26#039;: blowing dust or soot into the eyes of his opponent, throwing small stars or dirks at him, pulling a chain out of a spear, and the like.|||Ninjutsu is Ninja stuff (yeah ppl think they are ninja%26#039;s it doesnt work)

JJ is grappling and submission what they do in the UFC.|||ninjutsu is ninja techniques

taijutsu is hand to hand techniques

=)|||the spelling|||ninjutsu a Japanese martial art based on unconventional warfare , guerrilla warfare seen as assassins,scouts,spies they use a lots of weapons and various fighting arts and disciplines called the 18 disciplines that included weapons,spiritual refinement,sword,explosives tactics,meterology,geography they were the firts special forces of the world.Taijutsu meaning body skill or body art another Japanese art they rely on science of body movement unarmed combat in witch their techniques are focus on striking nerve points evasion postures,throws,joint locks,pins and breaking bones and Jiu-jitsu or jujutsu another japanese martial art known for its joint locks restraining and self defense techniques,chokeholds,strike grappling,throwing takedown wrist locks arm bars. Today brazilian jiu-jitsu developed by the Gracie family in Brazil based on Japanese jujutsu but evolved in a Brazilian style that is most popular all around the world today.

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